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About Stuff and Others

Who are we
We are a team of professionals with PhD in sports, pharmacy, chemistry and nutrition.

We are also professional athletes (not all of us), and as any recreative or professional bodybuilder we make our own anabolic plans, with the products we sell here. We respect a lot those who buy from us, because we know that timing and product quality is very important for an athlete, those factors can contribute for winning or losing, getting in shape or not.

As years pass by, we acquired direct contacts with the laboratories of some brands, those brands are the ones we sell here. With those close contacts we started to have some products available to friends and gym partners, and over time, we have decided to take this a step further and give the opportunity to the whole world to have the same products as we do, and then came Stuff and Others.

Then those same products have been used and tested by us along the years and from an big list of brands, only the ones we sell here, worth our confidence. That doesn't mean that any other brand is better or worse, it only means that we have tested several ones, and we decided that in quality vs price, those are the best in the market.

Our team
Our professional team, above all, has the concern of testing the products so we can feel confident to sell them. We always have in consideration the quality of manufacturer, sterility and effects of the products. We can assure that we don't have fake products. But we do have some Generic ones, that are just "branded" for commercial selling. Even though, they are great, we have tested them in ourselves with great results. You will find them in the "Generic" manufacturer list.

Information about warehouses
We have branches all over the world, although our main one is located in Europe. Our team is not only from one country, so we are available to talk with costumers in several languages, and you know, there's always "Google Translator"!

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